Yesterday, I opened my old files containing subjects of my last study. Then I found a picture of someone memorable. Hemmm…she is one of great lecturers I have ever known. She is the one who always wears costume as old westerners in common. We, students of English Department of Brawijaya University and State University of Malang, call her Grandma.

Well.., she actually teaches poetry and prose subject. She is well known for her great teaching method. As I remember, it’s a little bit hard to get B+ or even A for her class. Yet, if we can achieve those grades, it is truly precious as it shows that we can master the subjects exactly. It’s totally different from what we feel for great grade of other subjects.

For freshmen taking one of those subjects, it can be so scary thing if grandma is the one in charge. As you know, rumor spreads as fast as lightning. Some seniors often share their experiences of having Grandma’s class. Some of them feel desperate as in the end of semester they find that they must retake the course in the next semester. Thus, the freshmen become so nervous at first.

Nevertheless, we’re so glad of having her at last. Grandma has taught many things. Besides every poem and story she conveys, the way she looks this world and her simplicity of life have opened our mind.

…..Miss U Grandma….