In the very early morning those eyes were so eager to see the beauty of this world. To keep the promise ever said, they couldn’t stand closing anymore. Then those feet couldn’t let them be like that. They guided the eyes to have some dewdrops. The drops were so pure and fresh hence the eyes got relief. They saw the dark sky still full of stars. Then, other parts of the body couldn’t bear not to take a part of this moment. Her hands spread as bird’s wings. The air of the day filled up every single part of the lung. Then the only words could be said was “Thanks God”…

It was the day she stepped on the new path of her life. She didn’t even know whether she had to be happy or sad since she’s lost one chance given to her. For three more than 20 chances she has passed but some of them she wasted. Meanwhile, with every wish of everyone loving her, she promised to step confidently. No regret and fear will stay in her mind anymore.

The dew she took was still felt on her face. Intending not to miss the precious seconds, she kneeled and raised her hands and wished for another chance….