There are some ways that we can do in order to get closer to new people we just met. One of them is talking about something we might think as ‘unimportant’. This is called as opening channel meaning to open conversation. To open channel we may ask about weather, TV programs, traffic jam etc. Besides, people may get a little ‘curious’ about name. That is what I’ve experienced. It is rhetorical actually :).

When I met a foreigner someday:
Foreigner : Namanya siapa?
I : Mey
Foreigner : Oh. Pasti lahirnya di bulan Mei ya?
I : (just smiling)

When I was in my German class:
Lecturer : Wie heißen Sie?
I : Ich heiße Mey Damayanti
Lecturer : Also Ihren Geburtstag ist im Mai?
I : Nein. Mein Geburtstag ist im Dezember.

Then when it was December He asked me, “Mey, when is your birthday?” 😀

When I came to my new boarding house:
Landlord : Jenenge sopo?
I : Mey
Landlord : Laire pasti bulan Mei. Gampang diiling-iling.
I : Inggih

A few days later my landlord spoke to me, “Ret..Maret…wis maem?” ^_^’

When I met an administrative officer at my campus:
I : (showing my registration sheet)
The officer : Namanya Mey. Lahirnya pasti bulan Mei?
I : Agustus Pak 😀

Several days ago in my boarding house:
Landlord : Ret, kamu mau kemana?
I : Buk, nama saya itu Mey bukan Maret.
Landlord : O iy, la sama-sama nama bulan e.
Another tenant : Ibu masih bingung antara bulan Maret sama Mei.

Afterwards, when there is another tenant asking my name, my landlord says, “Namanya Maret” instead of “Namanya Mey” at first.

Owwhhh….. 😀