“What is your favorite time?” you may ever be asked. Then your answers must be various such as watching movie, listening classical music, reading a novel and so on. Another answer can be coffee time. It is commonly called as coffee break. The term is popularized in the United States in 1952 by the Pan American Coffee Bureau. Initially, coffee break refers to a daily social gathering for a snack and short downtime practiced by employees in business and industry. It usually lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. Meanwhile, not only employees do have coffee break nowadays since many other people have it at home too. For example, my family which is not a member of any business has coffee time twice a day everyday, in the morning and in the afternoon. In addition, coffee break is usually included in every schedule of some occasions such as meeting, seminar, workshop etc.

“What do you usually do during coffee break?” Well, during the time you can chat with your drinking partner or even just relaxing yourself if you drink alone. Coffee break can essentially be an effective medium to make your relationship with your colleague or other family member closer as during the point in time you can share anything that you cannot discuss in other occasions.

So, have you had any coffee break today? 🙂