Who has never experienced it? Well, you must also think that it is truly a terrible thing. why? Here are the reasons.
– it causes sleepiness during your work hour. You normally need 8 to 9 hours of sleep each day. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you must feel so sleepy during the day time – the time on which you must work.
– it causes low concentration. How can this happen? of course, if you get a little sleep only, you must feel sleepy. If you are sleepy, your concentration won’t be 100%.
– due to insomnia, you will get tired-eyes. It can be seen through the black spots around your eyes.
– it can also cause a headache. Since you you get insomnia, you will get a headache easily.
– besides, insomnia can make you get overweight. Wow..this must be the most terrible impact of having insomnia. Well, it can occur as insomnia can disturb your body metabolism system. People having insomnia tend to have some snacks till they get sleepy especially those who like watching movie with eating during their insomnia time. Moreover, they tend to oversleep during weekend.

What causes insomnia?
Try to check these some points. One of them may be the cause of your insomnia.
– stress
This can happen as you have unfinished works, big unpaid loans, problem with someone else or even a broken heart 😀
– jet lag
It is possible for you to get insomnia as you just moved to a new place. Thus, you need to adapt to the new environment including the sleeping time.

Then, how to deal with this problem?
Actually there have been some articles proposing the ways of treating insomnia. For example, you can treat it by having a glass of hot milk or tea before sleeping, having a light exercise, and reducing cafein consumption. Well, another way that you – especially you living in Indonesia- can do is having kangkung (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk.) or terong (Solanum melongena) for your dinner menu. In addition, you must manage your sleeping time well. Be discipline to yourselves.

Although insomnia is a bad condition, it can make you more productive actually. This is possible if you can take some benefits of it. For instance, if you get insomnia, use your time to do your hobby e.g. making some cookies or writing – who knows because of your insomnia, you can be a famous writer :D. You must, however, be careful since your insomnia can get worse. 🙂