Smile isn’t just a smile I can say. There must be something in a smile that you may have noticed indirectly.

Among facial expressions, smile is used most frequently. Generally it is known as the expression of joy or happiness. Do you agree with the latest statement? Well, it‘s actually more than that. Smile can convey some other things as well. You send a message that you are a happy person, easy approach, friendly and confident when you smile. On the other hand, you’ll be recognized as a cold, critical or unfriendly person when you never give a smile. Besides, when you smile at someone, it makes them feel good. Smiling will make you feel better too. In addition, you release tension and look more attractive when you smile.

In general, there are two kinds of smile, a fake smile and a genuine smile. How can you differentiate them? Well, let’s see from the differences they show.

A fake smile, instead of an expression of happiness or joy, it is well-mannered or polite. It is an intentional gesture performed to mislead and deceive others. You can notice this kind of smile from the eyes that will remain unaffected when someone is smiling to hide away her/his negative emotions.

On the contrary, a genuine or sincere smile is expressed spontaneously. It represents the feeling of gladness, happiness, joy and love. It can be noticed from the eyes that crinkle and become narrower when someone smiles. Besides, their eyes are sparkling.
Let's smile
So, what kind of smile that you often give?
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