Do you know what public speaker stands for? is it a term to describe someone talking in front of many people? Well, based on the definition offered by, public speaker is a person who makes speeches in public settings. A speaker may address a large assembly of people or small gatherings. For large assemblies, the speaker will usually speak with the aid of a public address system or microphone and loudspeaker. Different from a person talking in front of many people in daily life, a public speaker has a certain aim of delivering his/her speech such as a lecturer, a seminar speaker and a master of ceremony.

Then what criteria you need to be a public speaker? In my opinion, anyone can be a public speaker since everyone must have ability to speak :). However, the matter is how great you are.
Perhaps you will say that a great public speaker is the one who has nice voice, nice appearances. Moreover, he/she is the one who has good preparation; thus, he/she can deliver his/her speech perfectly.

Is a good preparation the guarantee of someone to be a great public speaker?
My answer will be a big no. I think someone can be called as a great speaker is the one who can deal with any situation while delivering speech. No matter the good preparation you have, if you cannot deal with any situation and condition at the speech moment, your great preparation must be useless. As we know, any unexpected things has any possibility to happen during speech time.

Let’s see some of the unexpected things:

1. broken slide
2. nonactive speaker or microphone
3. blackout

If a public speaker can deal with those things without any nerves or staying cool in facing his/her audiences as well as having good preparation of the material must be a great public speaker. Besides, he/she doesn’t get panic even one of the audiences complaining about the technical problem.

How can you be a great public speaker then? By reading public speaking books or taking a public speaking course? Hmmm…it can be. Yet, the most important thing, in my opinion,is practicing to be a public speaker from now on. The more experiences you have, the great public speaker you will be. No matter any public speaking knowledge you have, if you never try to practice it in the real situation, it will be a kind of trash. Then when one of the unexpected things occurs, any preparation you make will be like a held glass dropping to floor. ^^