“What’s going on?” one heart asking to another heart.
“I ain’t know either,” the second heart says.
“Do you know the consequence will be?” the first heart asks.
“I’ll accept it.”
“Ain’t you make compromise with mind? It should have helped you.”
“I did.”
“Mind knew nothing to do either.”
“Who’s to be blamed then?”
“No one else but me, myself.”
“Ouch… are those days hard for you?”
“It ain’t the matter of hard days or not.”
“Seems that I’m out of my first line.”
“Hmmm..no good”
“I know.”
“Feel like in middle of nowhere?”
“Find the way out ASAP!”
“Take your first aim with you.”
“Is it that simple?”
“I guess no, but seems it’s the one way you can take.”
“I see.”
“And don’t forget to ask His guidance, always!”
“Wait, I forget where I keep my first aim.”
“It must be in mind. Ask mind to be always with you too.”
“I will.”
“You must walk together with mind,remember. Back to your first line ASAP as no much time available thus no regret you have at last.”
“I see. Should I leave this line I’m steeping on now?”
“It would be better. You can be in the line again someday after accomplishing the first.”
“I guess so. I’ll keep this for another day then.”
“Good for you.”
“I must run.”
“See you soon!”