She went around to the city and visited one of big universities in Indonesia.”If I studied here, it could be good,” accidentally appearing on her mind.

Time goes by as the wind blows. The thought she had on Sunday morning three years ago ain’t appears anymore. Nevertheless, a year ago she decided to continue her study at the university.
“Well, I think I’ll take the exam for enrollment,” she told her Mom. “It’s so far. Are you sure? why don’t you take another university nearer from home?”
“Nope. But, don’t worry I’ll take another exam for university that you asked me to enroll. Then we’ll see the result.”
“OK. Yet, I wish you ain’t be accepted”

Four months preparation she made, and it’s time to have the exam, April 11. “I’ve done as best as I can. the rest is Yours.”

A month later, good news she got, she passed it finally.”Congratulation dear. It must be the best for you,” the words were stated by her Mom at last.
“Thank you. I’ll do my best, I promise.”
“I know you will.”

She’s been a part of academic activity of the university for a year. Last two weeks she’s accomplished the examination of the second semester. “Done. Whatever will be will be.”

Bib..bip…”How’s your score?” some of her friends sent her a text. “I ain’t checked it yet,” she replied.
“It must be good. Check it then.”
“I do hope 🙂 .”

One day afterwards she sat on the chair in her bedroom, looking at her computer desktop and checking her academic site. “Not bad.Thanks God,” she said, “Well, Mom doesn’t need the marks but my responsibility of coming here”.
“What’s the meaning of scores anyway?” must be what her Mom says if she talks about it. “Ah, she always has different point of view from others.” 🙂
Hmmmm..I guess experiences that I’ve got for one year living here, instead of A to B, will be more interesting to share with her. ^_^

–waiting time for coming home–