Well, I am not a person fanatic for a certain card of a certain provider. The reasons of keeping using the same number are laziness to change cards and people’s acknowledgement of the number. However, I finally change my number using a different card of different provider from the previous one due to unsatisfying services recently.
After having a problem to send SMS, two days ago my handphone didn’t work since there was no network coverage. Because of it, I got some troublesome cases described below.

the 1st case:
“We’ll have a meeting with them at 10 am.”
“It’ll take about an hour to get there. We’ve to leave for it before 9 am. See you tomorrow in front of Es Pocong stand then.

In the early morning after doing my routines, I checked my handphone whether there were some messages or not. “Ow..ow..something’s wrong. No network at all?”
I just thought that it might be for awhile. Then I turned it off, took the SIM card, reinserted it and turned it on again. I did the same things twice, yet nothing worked.”Pheww…what’s wrong with this number anyway?”

Instead of thinking about the problem, I prepared some things needed for the meeting.”Whoa..it’s 7.30 am already.” I left for Es Pocong stand in a hurry.”I should have given a news to her that I’d be late.” Staring at my watch, it’s 8.45 when I got there, and I saw my friend was waiting for me near the car stopped. “Sorry for being late.”
“What’s wrong with your number?” Just like my guess, she must have called me for waiting more than 10 minutes. “It’s in trouble. What a troublesome in the early day. Well, I think we’ve to go right now.”
“I guess so.”

the 2nd case:
“When are we gonna make the questions for the test?”
“Tomorrow at 9 o’clock?”
“OK. where?
“University central library?”

It’s been one day, and my number was still in trouble. “Well, to use different card might be better.”

For the time agreed yesterday, I left for the library at 8.30 am. I got there at 8.40 am, and looking for my friend. Yet, I didn’t find her. “Pheww…how can I call her?”
Sitting on the chair near the entrance of the lounge, I Wished she could find me while entering the room.
30 minutes left, and she came finally. “Sorry. There are some things I must do. Having been here for so long already? I wanna tell you, but I have no number to call you.”
“Pheww, seems that the problem of my number causes other problems. I may change it.”

the 3rd case:

Entering my work place, I asked the front office staff, “How many times did you call me today?”
“Five times, and I sent you two messages. Anything’s wrong with your number?”
“No good news.”

As a consideration that some people may need to call me ASAP, and vice versa, I bought a new number; it’s provider is different from the old one’s. This is what I called “yellow-red ‘revolution'”. At last, that there won’t be the same cases occuring is my hope. 😀