What place do you often visit recently? For me, it is UI central library. Well, it doesn’t mean that I’m a kind of diligent person who likes reading books so much in a library :D. Yet, my friends and I choose it as a meeting point for the comfort offered and its stragic location. At the library, not only reading, but also discussion, meeting and seminar can we do.

The library is located near the largest lake of UI, Balairung, UI main mosque and Rektorat building. It can be reached using campus bikes “spekun”, campus bus “bikun”, ojek, private transportation and even on foot.

One of interesting points of the building can be its postmodern architecture. The abstract construction of the building, both its exterior and interior design, makes it different from other buildings nearby. Its interior design is unique. Carvings of “read” term in some languages can be found.

Compared with the previous central library, it is exactly larger with more modern facilities. For its size and facilities, it is said that UI central library is the biggest one in Asia. The details of the building are described as follow:

1st floor: General Facilities, including;
– Library Adminstration Room
– Building Control Room
– Computer Room
– Cafetaria
– Book Store
– Cinema
– Fitness Center
– Music Studio
– Television/Radio Studio
2nd floor: Library (text books, novels, etc)
3rd floor: Library (thesis, dissertations, research reports, etc)
4th floor: Library (dictionaries, encyclopedia, etc)
5th floor: Conference Room
6th floor: Auditorium
7th floor: Computer Laboratory
8th floor: Computer Laboratory

In short, the comfort and facilities offered make UI central library interesting to visit so far.