There is a word built of one f, one a, one c, one e, one b, two os and one k. It is facebook.

Who doesn’t know it anyway? I’m sure all of you reading this writing must know it.

Well, the idea of writing about the very well known social network just came out accidentally. Is it important to talk about it? I guess you’ll say, “No”. Yet, here I just wanna share my brief thought about it.

In my opinion, the site I’ve known for more than 3 years is a kind of addict such as coffee. If you love coffee so much that you can’t leave it every morning, that’s fb I say. Well, just like coffee, fb brings both positive and negative effects. If coffee can make you stay alive longer, brighten your view and even increase your blood pressure, and so can the famous social network.

For some people, fb can be a breakthrough. Through fb they can share their ideas and even develop their career more easily. They can post their new ideas and post any newest information just in a second. However,the site can also make you frustated; it’ll draw you into different “world”. Unconsciously, most of your precious times will be taken if you don’t have good time management; thus, deadlines may stand in line afterwards. NOT even a single day without facebook? Pheww…, you totally get addicted then. In addition, it may change you into a suspicious person. Beware of this impact! ;).

Another definition of facebook, according to me, is something with high curiosity degree. How can I conclude it? See, it never gets tired of asking about your mind everytime it meets you; hence, It doesn’t stop asking, “What’s on your mind?”. ^^

On school days you open handbook,
then you write on your notebook.
Yet, everytime you open your eyes,
the one you open can be facebook.