Installing a printer can be easy. However, it must be frustating if you spend more than three hours to do it. That’s what I experienced.

The statement “Print spooler service stopped running. Restart your computer to continue the installation process…” appeared some times when I was installing my printer so that the installation was failed. Honestly, I knew only a very few computer terms; thus, it made me a bit frustated.
I have read the instruction carefully and have done any instructions stated on the manual book. I even did it more than four times, yet it didn’t work still. At first, I thought that the printer wasn’t compatible for my lepi. Meanwhile, I tried to ensure myself that It must work if I find the problem root.

After checking driver and software folders in my lepi and founding no answer, I looked up the ‘universal dictionary’, google. I typed “Print spooler stooped running problem”. Many sites talking things related to print spooler problems were offered. Some of the sites gave a lil bit complicated instructions making me more confused. Finally, I found a site,, telling a simple way to solve the problem.

Having read the article about solving printer spooler problems in the site, I did the instructions stated.

The steps to do are:
1. click start > run > type ‘services.msc’
2. Find Print Spooler > right click then choose properties > click it
3. On startup type choose automatic > ok then klik start

The next step I did was reinstalling the printer. Finally, it works.

Big thanks to the writer of 🙂