Lil Bro
He is simple. He takes everything easy. He used to cry like a kid when we quarreled over. He, making our mom more lenient I can say, is the youngest of three children my parents have. It’s been years I have him as my little brother. However, seems that I have missed many things of his. We have been apart for almost three years; we just see each other when we’re home. Anything new of his I get from our calls, chats, or short texts. He has grown so truly fast; he may almost step on the adult’s area. He has reached his degree and become an employee. Well, seems that life has taught him many things; he becomes wiser recently. He has vision for his future; I get surprised for sure. Also, he has made our lovely mom and us so proud. Yet, no matter he has grown up, reaching his 20s, he will be a kid still for us. Many lovely memories of his childhood will stay on, inscribing our family’s story line. He, the youngest, is one of that we love.