This universe has been witnessing more than thousands moments of people’s living in it. As decades pass, we notice so many changes that inevitably influence the development of mankind’s lives. We in a specific way may record the changes, particularly those which refer to man’s acts and inventions considered influencing and contibuting to future men’s lives. We, moreover, use certain inventions or events to name an age, like the historians proposing stone age, an era on which stone was widely used to make implements.What about the 21st century? What will we name it? Regarding any recent developments which I have found and experienced I can say that it will be called as “limitless age”.

Going back to two or three years ago, we can clearly see that any technological developments has changed our lives. For example, the developed information technology has enabled us to more easily and efficiently search worldwide information using internet. In addition, we can save our time to go overseas due to better transportation system. These surely happen more in the 21st century on which the developments result in limitless time, limitless fund, limitless fear, and limitless creativity.

People get more hunger for up-to-the-minute information. They seek to any information for the sake of ‘survival’; either they do not want to be left behind, or even they do not want to be considered as a frog in a well. Seeing this need as a profitable potential, a party that works for information technology keeps developing media which enable people quickly access any needed information wherever they are and whenever they want. As a result, information that was previously only shared through print media, such as newspapers, magazines, posters, etc. becomes accessible via computers, notebooks, and even mobile phones. The great invention of internet has encouraged news industries to provide information in digital form. Therefore, in the 21st century it is not necessary for people to wait for a weekly newspaper or magazine to know what happens either in our country or overseas. For this can they just turn on their mobile phone, connect it to internet network, then do surfing in google or news sites. For instance, to know what is happening in London, people can directly access It takes only a few seconds to know both past and current issues happening in the world.

Developing needs in the 21st century lead to limitless fund which is spent by people. Maslow (1943) stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs; when one need is fulfilled, they seek to fulfill the next one, and so on. Expanded Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1970s) involves eight-stage of needs, which are : 1) biological and physiological needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, etc., 2) safety needs – protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, etc. 3) love and belongingness needs – friendship, intimacy, affection and love, – from work group, family, friends, romantic relationships, 4) esteem needs – self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility, etc., 5) cognitive needs – knowledge, meaning, etc., 6). aesthetic needs – appreciation and search for beauty, balance, form, etc., 7) self-actualization needs – realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences, and 8) transcendence needs – helping others to achieve self actualization. In order to fulfill the needs people will sacrifice any amount of their money, for the sake of happiness. For example, to fulfill both esteem needs like prestige and cognitive needs like knowledge many parents in Indonesia send their children to any courses, such as music course, and bonafide schools namely “international school”, no matter how much fund required. For the sake of prestige, it is also common for some people to own more than one house and one car. To fulfill the need for aesthetic needs such as life balance it is not impossible anymore to go on holiday abroad though the travel tickets are quite expensive; in addition, in the name of beauty many women get costly beauty treatments. People feel happy if their needs are fulfilled, at any cost.

The confidence of people during the 21st century improves as well. Nothing is impossible to do for those who own great knowledge of something. Also, compared to the previous era, people in the 21st century have bravery to do beyond their limit. People are not affraid of sharing their opinion either directly or indirectly. Most of people get their social skills improved, so competitiveness level among society gets higher. For example, people who are previously lack of confidence doing business overseas, they get more encouraged to do so in the 21st century. Nothing more to be affraid of; as long as they are knowledgeable, they are able to conquer the world. Besides the positive things happening, the improved courage results in bad things as well; people are not affraid of committing crimes. Their fear of God becomes less and less. For some people commiting crimes are not affraid of sin. In this era are so many killings committed in the word found on news reports. Most of everyday’s headline is covered by criminal news. They are easily found around us. Although a strick punishment, even death penalty, as a consequence is clearly stated in national laws, the criminals do not take it into account. As a big issue, killing innocent people is a kind of common thing in the era. This can be seen from any unstoppable wars which occur in some areas in the world that cause so many victims. Some parties taking part in the wars do not consider the impacts of their actions. Human rights are not an obstacle for those who promote wars anymore. Both possitive and negative impacts are led by the unlimited fear of people in the era.

Another thing which can be recalled about the 21st century is that many opportunities are widely openned for anyone to develop her or himself. There is no limitation for anyone to have such a better life. Instead of depending on others, they have to rely on themselves. For this, creativity is highly needed. In many fields of work, for instance, intelligence comes after creativity though they are not really separated. The more creative people are, the more opportunities come. Due to the increased needs of creativity, it is noticeable that most of schools implement curriculum designed to enable students to naturally develop their creativity as earlier as possible. Not only is their academic achievement considered, but also their skill to show their independency in the future. Any forms of creativity are appreciated. For living in the 21st century, someone does not have to work as government officer or to be an employee with monthly salary, spending eight hours at work in weekdays. Working for their own is much more preferable; there is no need to go to office everyday with fixed schedule, and the work can be done from distance. As a consequence, there are so many entrepreaneurs appear in the era. Creativity is the key for one to be an entrepreaneur; for running a business, the ability to figure out others’ needs and to see moving demands at every single time is required. In this case, the same products with a number of different brands from different companys are available.

In addition, the continuously growing creativity along with intelligence which results in many new inventions and insights provide people more than one or two alternatives to reach their goal. For example, in Indonesia people can have go-jek, the newest public transportation service, to reach a certain destination; they previously take other public transports such as bus, angkot, or taxi. Go-jek is a real form of creativity of people who are able to perceive opportunities. As traffic issues get worse, they search for alternative transport that fits the condition of the area. A worldwide example of growing creativity impacts which can be considered is the invention of new generation robots. In the 21st century, people are assisted by robots instead of human being to finish some of their work, including housework. It is considered more effective and efficient. The robots are designed to be human-looked; not only are their tasks adjusted, but also their appearance. Besides assisting people in doing some work, the designed robots are meant to be friend of the owner; they are able to speak, to listen for response, and to walk just like a human. The new genaration of robots appears to dominate some aspects of human life. It is common to find a robot in a house or at a workplace. The 21st century in short reveals proofs of limitless creativity of human being.

Considering some facts which are found in the era, the 21st century become one of great evidences of limitless development of human civilization. It places a timeline on which any developed technologies make anything possible for men. Time and money no longer cause problems for any actual information and interest satisfaction. Moreover, people gets no more fear to both do self-actualization and break law of God and of their country. The era reveals the unlimited creativity of men for survival.